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Why Choose Us

Custom Container Living focuses on you and your happiness. It's why each home and container is built with your needs in mind. Whether you need a home or extra storage, we will make it happen for you. 

FEATURED TINY Custom Container Living SERIES

Front Porch Living

The Front Porch Living model is perfect for those wanting to embrace Tiny Living on a full-time basis. Layouts are provided to accommodate singles, couples, or families. Whether for a weekend at the lake, a hunting or fishing trip with friends, or just to put ‘out back’ by the pond; this model is right for you.

  •  Repurposed 40' steel shipping container
  •  Customer modifications can be made at client’s request.
  • Free delivery within 200 miles of Archie, MO
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Empty Nester

These designs are great for anyone wanting to go Tiny Living as part of their lifestyle. These models are suited for singles, couples, or families, and work wonderfully for those who are looking to get away. These homes work for a getaway at the lake, for hunting or fishing, or to place in your backyard. Find your new home today!

  • Repurposed steel shipping container, 40’
  • Customer modifications can be made at client’s request.
  • Free delivery within 200 miles of Archie, MO
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Happy Twogether

Have a larger family or too much stuff for a single unit then this models is just what you need. This is our double unit tiny option. With double the units you have double the fun and space with your family!

  • Two 20’ repurposed steel shipping container
  • Great fit for a large family! 
  • Complete and ready to move in!
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The Weekender

We built this container house to look like a small cabin. With log siding on the exterior and pine T&G on the interior walls. This small and perfect container home and getaways can be yours right now!

  • Re-purposed 20' steel shipping container
  • Customer modifications can be made at client’s request.
  • Free delivery within 200 miles of Archie, MO
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About Us


Q:What sizes do you offer?

As we use standard shipping containers, we are able to offer 20 foot and 40 foot options. Both container lengths are 8 feet wide. The standard 20 foot and 40 foot containers are 8 1/2 feet tall. The 40 foot container is also available as a ‘high cube’ and this container is 9 1/2′ tall (1 foot taller than the standard 40′ container).We are able to raise the ceilings in all of the containers to accommodate one or more lofts.The industry also makes 45′, 48′, and 53′ containers. These are primarily used for domestic purposes and are much more difficult to find. As such, while we can build using these containers, the cost will be significantly higher due to shipping costs. +Read More

Q:What is the price?

This is the most commonly asked question, so we want to give you a realistic idea of what one may cost. We provide a base price for each of our floor plans on the specific page. We then have an options sheet which allows you to select various upgrades or, in some cases, remove certain items from the base unit. We have done our best to list these options on the floor plan pages as well. This will provide you with a fairly accurate cost of the final unit, with the only variances based on any customizations you may require. When it comes to purchasing, we require 40% down and the remainder due once complete, but before delivery takes place. +Read More

Q:Do you offer financing?

We do not offer financing directly. As the Tiny Home movement is a bit new, financing can be a challenge as we wait for banks and other lenders to determine exactly how they want to loan on these structures. Having said that, there are some lenders who are starting to come around. After doing a bit of research, below are the various options we have found. The first two are “Tiny Home” specific. The others are a combination of personal loans and peer-to-peer financing. > Tiny House Lending > LightStream Tiny Home Financing > Lending Club > Lending Tree > Discover Personal Loan > BB&T Bank > Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union > > Personal > 24/7 Lendinggroup +Read More