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We know what types of buildings and construction methods should be used for a cabin, home or storage. Here you’ll find the benefits of using a container dwelling for your needs:

Strength and Durability

Containers are more durable than wood construction methods, as they are made with steel uni-body construction. Walls are made from 14 gauge, .075 inch of corrugated sheet steel panels welded to the main structure, with 7-gauge tubular made for the bottom and top side rails. The steel is corrosive resistant with high-strength low-alloy steel. The roof is crafted with die-stamp corrugated steel sheets; chambers can be found in the center. The construction of the roof keeps out bad weather. The bottom has 3-4 mm thick cross members with recesses on the bottom side rails. The recesses let the container be lifted. The floor is 28 mm thick with 19 ply treated plywood. Shipping containers are strong and durable, able to resist snow, hurricanes, wind, earthquakes and tornadoes. 

Move in the same day

All cabins are unique and custom designed based on what our clients want. They come with the plumbing done, wiring completed and are assembled for you. So long as the required utilities (electricity, sewer/septic, water) are onsite, they can be hooked up. You could be living in your new home in the evening! 

Low maintenance


If you want a home with little maintenance, then opt for metal and vinyl siding options. There is little to no maintenance required for the exterior. It makes containers a great option for hunting or fishing. That way you can enjoy your freedom without maintaining your home. And you’ll never have to replace your boards or siding because metal doesn’t rot! 

Termite and Insect resistant

Wood can only be found on the floor of your container building. It is 28 mm thick with 19 sheets of plywood. It is also treated to be weather and insect resistant. The walls are made out of solid steel, which makes for a bad meal for termites. And pests will have a hard time getting inside the containers, as the only openings are through windows and doors. These openings are also insulated and caulked/silicone to prevent pests, insects, and the weather from getting in. You can place these containers in the woods and never worry about pests or insects ruining your building. 

Weather resistant

Shipping containers are incredible because they can endure all types of severe weather. Not only are they built to withstand the weight of 9 containers stacked on top, but they can withstand strong rains and winds. Rest assured that the repurposed containers we use are still water and wind tight. No wonder container buildings are amazingly weather tight! 

Made for transporting

Shipping containers were designed for transport, which makes it easier to tow and transport your container home. Since they are 8’ wide, they are not considered an “oversize load.” It makes shipping easier and cheaper than a normal building. We can help you with delivery and placement of your container cabin, or you can enlist a tow service. You can even pick up the container yourself if you’d rather.