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You have the choice of including a kitchen or kitchenette depending on your needs.  Common configuration includes a 4′ or 5′ run of cabinets with sink and microwave. Space for a refrigerator and/or a small stove can be accommodated along the same wall or on the opposite wall of a 20′ cabin.  40′ cabins can easily accommodate a full kitchen.



Each container structure is custom built according to your needs.  This includes your choice of many layouts.  20′ cabins can include a kitchenette and bath.  40′ cabins often include a separate bedroom.  Lofts are options in all of our layouts.


For those who don’t like the idea of sleeping in a loft or climbing stairs everyday. With our 40′ floor plans, you can have a main floor bedroom with a nice closet for your clothes.


By removing the roof of the container we are able to accommodate an additional 3′ of ceiling height, making room for a loft.  The loft can be used for sleeping or storage. Maximum headroom is 40″ in order to still transport the container.  Lofts can be built to any size, so will accommodate any size mattress. See Floor Plans for standard loft configurations and dimensions.


You can choose the material for your interior walls and ceilings, depending on the look you want.  Pine plank tongue and groove siding comes standard (top left picture). T111 (bottom left picture) and barn metal are also options.  Custom requests can be accommodated, although sheetrock is not recommended due to cracking of the joints during transport.


Vinyl flooring comes standard.  We find it is not only economical, but can be purchased to look very similar to hardwood and various forms of tile and slate.  Additional flooring options, such as actual hardwood and pre-engineered hardwood are available as an upgrade.


Choose between a kitchen or kitchenette. The common layouts have a 4' or 5' cabinets with sink and microwave. Space can be made for a fridge or small stove on the wall or opposite wall in a 20' cabin. A full kitchen is available for a 40' cabin. 


We add an additional 3' of ceiling heet when the roof of the container is removed. This makes room for a loft, which can be used as storage or sleeping. There still needs to be 40' of headroom for the container to be transported. Lofts can come in any size, so it will support any mattress size. Look at Floor Plans to see various layouts. 


Since each container is custom built, this means you can get different layouts. 20' cabins can have a bathroom and kitchenette. 40' cabins have separate bedroom. All layouts have lofts as an option.